Christopher Cookson, Master Painter and Poet

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"Dragon Slayer" by Christopher Cookson. (2004) The cover artist for this beautiful book is done by Rocio Heredia. The lovely Rocio is a metalsmith artist who resides in Monterrey, Mexico. About This Book: This book contains a large selection of inspirational quotes and sayings from Christopher Cookson that fights against the vanities of Man. The author speaks on subjects of terrorism, war, religion, and much more. Please visit : Christopher Cookson. Author/Fine Artist :

The Artwork of Christopher Raingem Cookson, which is a result of his own introspection, seems to be very visionary. In his Art I can see peace, bright, brave, and sensuality. In his Poetry I can read serenity, sentiment and tenderness. Christopher Raingem Cookson has two forms of Muscular Dystrophy, but this is not an obstacle for him... He has an iron will and is extremely talented. He is an example to follow for all who are not living with this syndrome. He is a seed of hope for those who have MD.

Who is Raingem, would you please introduce yourself?Hi, I am the artist Raingem, a painter and poet from Kansas, USA. My full name is Christopher Raingem Cookson.

When did your career as an artist begin?
I began drawing at age 5, and continued to draw all throughout my School years. I didn't take Art seriously until after I finished receiving my writing degree. So, in my late teens my career began.

I understand that you are self taught. What were the first influences to your Art work?
My mother had books of master painters laying around the house, and I was inspired by looking at them first.

How do you think you not having a formal Art education has affected you as an artist?
It made me much better as my spirit was put to take a different road...a road that led me to great discoveries.

What are the essential parts of your creative processes?
I would say making the Art vibrant, and using colors that make my works shine, in a word what I see within my soul.

When you begin a new piece, do you have everything defined beforehand such as motif, colors, lights, textures, etc.? When I begin a new piece, the picture is already finished in my mind...I take all the colors I see, all the lines, and the styles, and I use them the way I see is best.

You're exhibiting paintings and drawings with several motifs including everyday life, outdoor settings, atmosphere, weather and lightness, we even find an abstract background, but in essence, which is your favorite subject?
My favorite subject to paint is landscapes...I have a deep desire for nature.

In comparison with your earlier pieces, do you see a creative evolution in more recent works?
My recent works are blooming more mature than my earlier works. In my early works, I was in the process of trying to find my own styles. Today, I see my Art more peaceful, more colorful, more vibrant, and I see my spirit expressing his visions more clearer.

Your inspiration is what makes your work unique. You put this in your paintings as well as your written words. What is Poetry to you?
Poetry for me is the language of life as well as death. In poetry, I can express my thoughts in a way that only I can really understand, and that is what I try to do in my paintings...I try to be mystical so to speak.

Is there an underlying reason for your putting all of your hopes, desires, and fears onto paper?
Yes, to be an inspiration to others, and to place my spirit in writings and upon canvases so I may be seen as a person that has a great love for arts and life itself.

You seem to enjoy metaphor, what do you believe people will discover in your poetry?
They will see nature, life, death, and the trials I had to overcome in life. They will also discover love in my poetry, whether on my soulmate or life itself.
Rocío said: An everyday discovery
Chris: Yes, absolutely.

What is the connection between the artist-painter and the poet? Can you find that connection between the artist and the poet? Or are they two separate things?
There is only one connection, the artist-painter, poet both connect with my passion for discovering what is inside of me.

Do you believe people knowing your biography and personal details will be influenced on how you appear to them as an artist?
Yes, absolutely.

Which artists do you admire and how do they have an influence in your style? Van Gogh, Michelangelo, Kahlil Gibran, and Giuseppe Tampieri. I love impressionism and realism as well, and those artists inspired me to paint. Kahlil Gibran was my first major influence, because his Art is very spiritual.

What do you feel is the major significance of your career?
That I have quickly emerged as a master many people have blessed me with their kindness and kept inspiring me to paint and write. Without them, I have no reason to paint and write.

You have learned to see your own life as a challenge, in the sense that you find yourself confronted with something that requires an exceptional effort, are you feeling this is difficult to execute?
Having a disability with MD (muscular dystrophy) makes it very hard to paint, but as much as I enjoy Art, I do all I can and I don't let it stand in my way.

Do you feel that pretty much like in my case, that thanks to my disease I discovered my love for metals, it was MD the reason why you discovered your passion for painting?
Yes, you might have taken a different road. MD left me with very few things to choose from. I chose painting.

How do you think Internet will affect Art?
It will allow a broader audience see more Art, and to sell more as well. The internet for me has brought me many visitors from all over the world, which is great for all of us artists.

Is there anything you would like to say to emerging artists and writers? I would say to those who are emerging, you must work to the end, and through hard work, everything pays off very abundantly.

What are your aspirations?
My only aspiration is to be a better artist.

Christopher Cookson, creator of beautiful and vivid prints, art and comic books

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