Rocio Heredia, Designer Metalsmith - Traditional Metalwork Techniques of Chasing and Repousse. Artist of the Mexican Contemporary Generation.

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  "Rocío Heredia is an incredible, very fine and courageous person. But above all that, extremely talented. Rocío is graced with a unique, natural talent, and her love for the metal, radiates from each and every piece of her work.  Her determination and will to learn are unsurpassed. Few people possess the passion and excitement with which she approaches the metal. Rocío is truly a rare find and an artist with a great future".  
~ Valentin Yotkov, Member Society of American Silversmiths.   

        "Rocío  Heredia, another chasing guru, truly important for North America".
Charles Lewton-Brain, Master Goldsmith. Past President, Canadian Crafts Federation/Federation Cannadienne des Metier d'Arts.

       "This is ART!"
~ Efrén Ordóñez, Master Painter.

   "Words can never say enough to emphasis the quality Rocío puts into her metals and forms and interactions with soul and media."
~ bpFINK, Master Sculptor.

   "It's all too desparately beautiful.  Heroic. I literally spent most of my teenage life in the Mediaeval Treasury at the Metropolitan Museum and in The Cloisters, and hangin' around Gothic churches on Fifth Avenue, and drowning in books of illuminations, icons, and especially metalwork. It was a feeling.  This feeling."
~ Robin the Hammer Ludwig
, Master Goldsmith


"Art creates sort of an addiction. Art is not merely a project. It's my Life!" ~ Rocío Heredia

   Rocío Heredia
    Rocío Heredia / Photo: Mariana Figueroa

 Rocío Heredia is a self-taught artist of the contemporary Mexican generation. Her work reflects the evolving artistic and cultural traditions of Mexico, from the ancient Aztec and Teotihuacan societies to the complexities of the Spanish conquest, up to recent times. Ms. Heredia began her career in metal art by creating ornamental panels with religious subjects drawn from Catholicism and Judaism. Her mentor, Master Painter/Sculptor Efrén Ordóñez, provided support and inspiration, and collaborated with Ms. Heredia to create panels featuring painted human figures. Ms. Heredia's early work was exhibited in a one-woman show, "Divine Inspiration," at the Loyola Cultural Center of Monterrey in May, 2001. Since then, Ms. Heredia has been the recipient of numerous recognitions and awards for skillful and passionately realized themes. She has studied with Valentin Yotkov in New York, and was the first recipient of the Valentin Yotkov Studio Scholarship. Ms. Heredia's works are in private collections in Mexico, the USA, Canada, Switzerland, Italy, Israel, Spain, Germany, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Colombia, Cuba and Thailand. Currently, Ms. Heredia divides her time among metal art, alternative photography, printmaking, professional website creation, and graphic design. Ms. Heredia is a member of the Cultural Information System ~ National Council for the Culture and the Arts, the Council for Arts and Culture of Nuevo León, the Society of American Silversmiths, & the Society of  North American  Goldsmiths, 

  Rocio holds a degree in Psychology from the Regiomontana University of Monterrey, Nuevo León. Ms. Heredia uses the traditional metalsmithing techniques of chasing and repoussé in high relief to create fully detailed icon covers, Judaica, and figurative art designs on fine silver, copper, gold and tin. Currently she experiments with 24k gold fusion, textures. patinas and techniques. Rocio Heredia enjoys exploring what can be done with other techniques and media. Photography, printmaking, graphite drawing, painting, and she absolutely loves metalsmithing. To this day it's still her strongest suit. Crucial to Ms. Heredia's work is the unusual way in which she has turned a physical handicap into a creative advantage. Suffering from visual impairment, she uses the sense of touch as a basic tool, the effectiveness of which is evidenced in her finely detailed, highly-wrought surfaces. In 2011 Rocio exhibited her artwork in the Juried Collective Show "Mujeres" Expo Tour at Regia Gallery. Last may she traveled to the city of Holguin, Cuba. Rocio was invited to do a solo exhibition at Marco House in the Marqueta Place, during the 18th Romerias de Mayo Festival. Rocío did a solo exhibition at "Museo de la Imagen" in San Santiago de Cuba (july 2011).

Rocío Heredia traveled to Cuba invited to participate during the 4th edition of the International Solidarity Artistic Brigade and she presented a solo exhibition "The Mexican Tourist - 2011 Tour" at the House of Iberomérica on October of 2011, as part of its 18th anniversary. As a prolongue to the exhibition openiing, Rocío gave a talk on her work and her approach on to metalsmithing and visual arts at "El Alba" Fine Arts School in the city of Holguin. Rocio also visited the communities of Gibara, and Güirito Bariay, Cuba.

Rocio Heredia participated in the next important art exhibitions: "Ser Mujer I" Juried Show of Female Photographers at Hector Garcia Foundation Gallery in Mexico city (2012), 2011 Mujeres ExpoTour at Galería Regia and 2013 Mujeres Expo Tour at Barrio Antiguo Monterrey Cultural Center, 2013 FOTOUR at Metropolitan Museum of Monterrey, Nuevo León. She has been exhibiting her artwork in Ecuador as a member of  "Desde la Mirada de Artistas Plásticas" a Female Multidisciplinary Artists Group.

Currently Rocío Heredia participates in three collective art exhibitions in Monterrey ("2014 MUJERES ExpoTour"), Quito, Ecuador ("Libertad - Día Internacional de la Mujer") and Mexico City ("Ser Mujer II" juried show).

Heredia is Director of Electronic Media for the Mexican Racquetball Federation since 2002 and for the Nuevo León State Racquetball Association since 1998. She is WOR - World Outdoor Racquetball México Social Media Director since may of 2013.


Rocío Heredia durante la Conferencia de Prensa durante la 18 Romerías porque no hay hoy sin ayer. Entrevista conducida por Yuliet García Hechavarría, en La Luz - Centro de Comunicación Cultural. Delegación México.  Holguín, Cuba.

Special Thanks to:  MD María Esther Pérez Vázquez, MD Luis Vidaurri Leal, MD Carlos Manuel Dillmann, MD Jorge Luis Montemayor, MD Mariano Fuentes Cantú, MD Héctor Alcaraz Amaya, MD Jorge Alberto Leal Salazar, MD Jorge Alberto Hernández Portales, MD Jorge Melchor Flores Dávila, MD Juan Homar Páez, MD Mario Benavides and Professor María Eugenia Fuentes. No one deserves Lupus.


Rocio Heredia has been recognized for her work as a cultural promoter, and her online magazine "Contemporary Arts in Mexico" had been listed in the categories of Education and Culture of the Mexican Government Web Directory.  2009.
Fred de Vos Studio Scholarship, Il Chiostro, Venice, Italy, 2005

Dorothy MacKenzie Annual Purchase Award, 2004. Bowling Green State University, B.G., OH
The purpose of this annual award is to purchase an outstanding artwork for the Dorothy MacKenzie Collection of Jewelry and Metalwork, in Bowling Green State University's permanent collection.
Metalwerx First Artist in Residence Award/Grant 2003, Waltham, MA
3rd. Place BTDesign Master of the Year 2001 Award, 2nd. Best Artworks & 2nd. Best Artsite, Faenza, RA, Italy
Valentin Yotkov Studio Scholarship. 2001, Brooklyn, New York.


Following her awards in 2001, Ms. Heredia began her ongoing collaboration with BTDesign Art Gallery, interviewing guest artists and evaluating sculptors for the Master Annual Art Award. Her interviews with prominent artists can be viewed at


Ms. Heredia has offered workshops in repousse and other techniques, talks and demonstrations at the Stockton Jewelry Arts School, in Stockton, CA; Metalwerx, Waltham, MA; Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH;  Dolores Valenza Studio, New York, NY; Custom Design Metal Arts Studio, Ocala, FL., and "El Alba" Fine Arts School, Holguín, Cuba. She has taught private classes and workshops on her Chasing and Repoussé technique in Mexico and abroad since 1997.


.:: "Mi Apropiación de Cuba"  House of Iberoamérica during the 20 Romerías de Mayo Festival. 2013. Holguín, Cuba.
"Mi Apropiación de Cuba" National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC) during the XVIII edition of the Ibero-American Culture Festival, Holguin, Cuba. October 2012.
.:: "The Mexican Tourist ~ 2011 Tour" Solo Show of Rocío Heredia were presented in the framework of the 19th Romerias de Mayo 2012 Festival (19th May Pilgrimages) taking place at the "Alex Urquiola" Provintial Library in the eastern city of Holguin.
.:: "The Mexican Tourist" Solo Show of Rocío Heredia at the Birth Place of Calixto Garcia Museum opens during the Culture Week of the also nicknamed Cuban City of the Parks. January 2012.
.:: "The Mexican Tourist ~ 2011 Tour" Solo Show of Rocío Heredia at the "Alex Urquiola" Provintial Library in Holguín, Cuba. Opened on December 14th of 2011~ during the "Cultural Workers Day", a tribute dedicated to those working in the field, and prominent personalities from the arts and letters.
.:: "The Mexican Tourist - 2011 Tour"
Solo Exhibition.  House of Iberoamérica.
4th edition of the International Solidarity Artistic Brigade.
"Corazón de Metal" Solo Exhibition. Regiomontana University. Rectory Gallery. October 2011.
.::  "Corazón de Metal" Solo Exhibition. "La Pérgola" House of Culture of San Nicolás. October 2011.

.:: "Corazón de Metal"
Solo Exhibition. Rocío showed her artwork at The Image Museum during the XXXI  Caribbean Festival - Earth of Fire 2011 in the Eastern City of Santiago de Cuba, Cuba.
.:: "Corazón de Metal"
Solo Exhibition. It was held at Casa Marco in the Marqueta Place during the 18 Romerías de Mayo Festival, in the beautiful city of in Holguin, Cuba.
 .:: "The Mexican Tourist ~ Reloaded" Solo Exhibition at BAM Cultural Center (Centro Cultural Barrio Antiguo Monterrey). Official Event of the Celebration of 2010 Mexico - Bicentennial of Mexican Independence and the Centennial of the Revolution - Monterrey, N.L. November 12th to December 21st of 2010.
.:: "Concave and Convex"
Solo Exhibition. Art Hall of the Ministry of Education of Nuevo León.
.:: "The Mexican Tourist"
Rocio Heredia received an invitation to do a Solo Exhibition during the inauguration of Pedro Angel Martinez new Mayor of General Zuazua, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Las Trojes Main Art Hall within The Hacienda San Pedro Museum. The show runs from october 30th to december 15th of 2009.
.:: "Corazón de Metal"
Solo Exhibition. Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the National Action Party, at Art Hall within PAN Comittee in Monterrey, Mexico. The show runs from august 20th. of 2009 to january 19th. of 2010.
.:: "The Mexican Tourist"
Solo Exhibition. Hacienda San Pedro - UANL Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León. June 16th - July 16th, 2009. General Zuazua, Nuevo León.
.:: "Vida y Color de México" Solo Exhibition.  Mexico is slated to commemorate in 2010, the Bicentennial of Mexican Independence and the Centennial of the Revolution, Rocio Heredia received an invitation to do a Solo Exhibition in its previous events. Art Hall within Nuevo Leon State Ministry of Education. May 2009. Monterrey, N.L.
.:: "Fotoseptiembre 2008" Solo Exhibition at El Blanqueo Industrial Museum, Santa Catarina, Nuevo Leon. Art Opening:  September 11th, 2008.
.:: Garden Gallery Art Show "A Fusion of Art and Nature" Dallas, Texas - May 2007.
.:: "Corazón de Metal" Solo Exhibition at El Blanqueo Industrial Museum, Santa Catarina, Nuevo Leon. Art Opening: July 10th-August 10th, 2008.
.:: "Divine Inspiration"  Solo Exhibition at the Loyola Cultural Center, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, May 2001.


.:: "Ser Mujer II". Héctor García Foundation Gallery. Juried Show. Art Opening: march 19 of 2014. Mexico City..
.:: "2014 MUJERES ExpoTour", Museo Metropolitano, Monterrey, N.L. The show runs from march 6th to april 20th of 2014.
.:: "Libertad - Día Internacional de la Mujer" Palacio Legislativo  José Mejía Lequerica Hall within Asamblea Nacional República del Ecuador.  Quito Ecuador. Art Opening: march 6th of 2014.
.:: "Cordeles de Sueños" Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana Benjamín Carreón y el Área de la Mujer Nela Martínez, fDecember of 2013. Quito, Ecuador.
.:: "Revolución de las Almas" Montonera Isabel Muentes  Hall within Centro Cívico Ciudad Alfaro November 2013, Montecristi, Ecuador.
.:: FOTOUR Museo Metropolitano, September 13th-November 17th of 2013. Monterrey, Nuevo León.
..:: "2013 Mujeres, Expo Tour".  Centro Cultural BAM.  Monterrey, Mexico.
.:: "Diversas y dispersas" at San Juan Villafuerte, Multiple y Manuel Chili Halls within the Ministry of Culture of Ecuador. Quito, Ecuador. March 7th to april 12th of 2013.
.:: "Revolución de las Almas" at "Benjamín Carrión" House of Ecuadorian Culture. Quito, Ecuador. March 6th to march 29th of 2013.
.:: Rocío Heredia was chosen to participate in the Juried Online Exhibition "Differences Unite Us". Rocio Heredia participated with the next three repoussé artworks: "Saint George and the Dragon", "The Adoration of the Magi" and "Elixir of Life". The exhibition showcases 330 artworks chosen from entries from over 111 artists representing 26 countries: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Czech Republic, France, Greece, India, Israel, Italy, Malta, Mauritius, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, Serbia, Spain, Trinidad, Turkey, UK, USA, Venezuela, and the Virgin Islands. Exhibition Curator: Beth Wicker. Permantent Exhibition. The Ganoksin Project, Thailand.
.:: "Cuba, Caminos de Fe" Juried Collective Art Show at the Main Hall of The "Centro de Artes" in Holguin, Cuba. (2012).
.:: Rocío Heredia had been selected for "Ser Mujer" Juried Collective Exhibition of Women Photographers. at Hector Garcia Foundation Gallery in Mexico City. The show runs from april 18th to june 30th of 2012.
.:: "Renacer" at "Periquera Museum" during the Festival of Artistic Youths - Romerías de Mayo 2012. Holguin, Cuba.
.:: "Cazadas" within the Proposal "Desde la mirada...". It was held at San Juan Villafuerte Hall within the Ministry of Culture of Ecuador in Quito, Ecuador.
“Gala Artística por el Día Nacional de la Cultura Cubana” Collective Art Exhibition at La Superior ~ Monterrey School of Music and Dance ~ INBA. Chopin Hall. October 2011.
.:: "Salón del Caribe"
“Salón del Caribe” Juried Collective Art Exhibition at Oriente Galería during the XXXI Edition of the Caribbeann Festival in the city of Santiago de Cuba, Cuba. July 2011. This
exhibition had showcased the remarkable artwork
 of juror-selected artists from around the
.:: "Mujeres" Expo-Tour, Juried Collective Exhibition at Regia Gallery, Monterrey, N.L. 2011.
.:: "Fotoseptiembre" Collective Exhibition. Casa de la Cultura de San Pedro, San Pedro Garza García, N.L. September 2009.

.:: "2008 Award-Winning Artists" Collective Exhibition. Casa de la Cultura de San Pedro, San Pedro Garza García, N.L. August 2009.
.:: "Producción@Plástica" Juried Exhibition. Alfredo Ramos Martínez Gallery within Plaza Fátima Cultural Center, March-April 2009. San Pedro Garza Garcia, Nuevo León.
.:: "Propuestas '09" Collective Exhibition. Unidad Cultural Abasolo.
Architecture Faculty / University of Nuevo León - UANL,. March, 2009.
.:: "Cultura en Santa Catarina, Claro que se Puede" Serie de Carteles/ Best Shows of the Year. Collective Exhibition Corredor del Arte (Torre Administrativa), Santa Catarina, Nuevo León. November-December 2008.
Casa de la Cultura La Pergola - Collective Art Show, San Nicolas de los Garza, N.L. June 2008.
.:: "Mujeres en el Arte - Expo Tour" ::. Collective Exhibition. Corredor del Arte (Torre Administrativa), Santa Catarina, Nuevo León. March 6- April 6, 2008.
.:: Casa de la Cultura La Pergola - Collective Art Show at the Theater of the City of San Nicolás, San Nicolás, Nuevo León. December 2007.
.:: Collage of the Arts Exhibition. XXX Edition of Cultural Week of the Economy Faculty. University of Nuevo León - UANL, Monterrey, N.L., Mexico. April 2005.
.::  Orchid Silent Auction, Tucson, AZ, February 2005
.:: Valentin Yotkov Studio,  NY - Gem Stones, Metalwork and Paintings Special Event - October 2004.
.::  School of Art, Bowling Green State University, Ohio - Permanent Collection - Spring 2004.
.:: SNAG Silent Auction - Society of North American Goldsmiths Conference - "In Pursuit of Passion" - Saint Petersburg, Florida. March 2004.

.:: Orchid Silent Auction, Tucson, Arizona,  February 2004.
.:: Metalwerx -  Artist in Residence,
Waltham, MA. Fall 2003.
.:: Bowling Green State University - Visiting Artist.
Art Talks-Lectures Series 03-04. October 2003,  Ohio.
.:: SNAG Silent Auction, San Francisco, CA, 2003.
.:: Orchid Silent Auction, Tucson, AZ, 2003.
.:: SNAG Silent Auction, Denver, CO 2002.
.:: Demonstrations:  Metalwerx, Woburn, CA, and BPFink Studio, Woodstock, Connecticut, Summer 2002.
.:: Orchid Silent Auction, New York, NY, 2002
.:: Solo Exhibition at the BTDesign Art Gallery , Faenza, Italia  December 2001.
.:: San Joaquin Delta College, Stockton, CA,  2001.
.:: Stockton Jewelry Arts School, Stockton, CA, 2001.
.:: Exhibition Galleria Incognita, Carlsbad, CA,  2001.

Rocio Heredia - Metalsmith and 
Ana Pellicer - Sculptor at the SNAG Conference San Francisco 2003 
Rocío Heredia and Ana Pellicer, Sculptor at the
SNAG Conference San Francisco, California 2003


.:: "Ser Mujer" Exhibition at Héctor García Gallery.Video by: Mariana Lizárraga. Edition: Carlos Montes de Oca. Inéditas Films. 2012.
.:: Rocío Heredia has been featured in the new book "Chasing and Repousse" written by Nancy Megan Corwin, Brynmorgen Press, Pages 144-145. USA. 2009.
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.:: ¡De una Vez! A College Course for Spanish Speakers ::.Rocio Heredia's work and biography
were published in the Textbook ¡De una vez!  written by Fabián A. Samaniego, Francisco Rodríguez,  Nelson Rojas.  Published by Heinle, ©2008. Chapter 8. México: In Revolution in the XXI century ~ Hispanic art: "San Jorge y el dragón" by Rocío Heredia".  ISBN: 0618348948.
..:: Rocio Heredia's work had been published in the new book "Los 7 pasos de la danza del comer. Cultura, género e identidades" written by the Dr. Marjorie Ross - President of The Costa Rican Women Writers Association.  University of Costa Rica Publisher. ISBN 978-9968-46-121-4. 2009 ::.
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Costa Rican writer. Directive of the Museum of Contemporary Art and Design of Costa Rica (MADC) , 2008 Pío Víquez National Prize of Journalism
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Bill Roberts (USA)
Efrén Ordóñez Villalobos (Mexico)
Graciela Ríos de Fernandez-Ruiloba (Mexico)
Mr. David Kenig (Israel)
Tom P. Muir (USA)
Dolores Valenza (USA)
Tevel Herbstmann (USA)
Bruce Paul Fink (USA)
Don Ricardo Cantú Leal (Mexico)
Dr. Alex Heuberger - Projekte Mexico (Switzerland)
Celina Morales de Salomó (Spain)
Ari Telch (Mexico)


Universidad Regiomontana, Monterrey, Mexico
School of Art, Bowling Green State University, Ohio
Metalwerx Jewelry/Metalarts School, Massachussets
Valentin Yotkov Studio, New York
Society of American Silversmiths, Rhode Island








Rocío Heredia  / Il Chiostro, Venice.


Cultural Information System / National Council for the Culture and the Arts Conaculta. - Member since 2008.
Nuevo Leon State Arts and Culture Council -
CONARTE - Member of the Visual Arts Guild since 2002.
Nuevo Leon State Arts and Culture Council -
CONARTE - Member of the Photography Guild since 2010.
Society of American Silversmiths - SAS - Member since 2001.
Society of North American Goldsmiths - SNAG - Member since 2001. 



I was invited to participate in the Photography Guild Elections Commitee of the Council for the Culture and the Arts of Nuevo Leon - CONARTE 2013-2016.
Photography Classes with Gerardo Montiel Klint. Centro de las Artes, Monterrey, N.L.
I was invited to participate in the Visual Arts Guild Elections Commitee of the Council for the Culture and the Arts of Nuevo Leon - CONARTE 2010-2013.
Photography Classes with Oswaldo Ruiz. Centro de las Artess, Monterrey, N.L.
I was invited to participate in the Visual Arts Guild Elections Commitee of the Council for the Culture and the Arts of Nuevo Leon - CONARTE 2007-2010.
Drawing Classes with Enrique Elías. La Pergola House of Culture of San Nicolas. 2007- 2008.
Private Classes  with Bill Roberts, Ornamental Metalsmith, FL. November 2005.
Private Classes with Dolores Valenza, New York, Fall 2005.
Designing Jewelry in Wax Workshop, "Il Chiostro" Venice, Italy, October 2005.
Feature Artist/ Webmistress Preferences - The Best of the Best, January 2005
 I am pleased to say one of my artworks " Saint George and the Dragon "  is published on the  book cover
.::  Dragon Slayer ::. written by Christopher
 Cookson, published by Cookson Books, July 2004.
Dorothy MacKenzie Annual Purchase Award from Bowling Green State University, Spring 2004.
 Private Classes with Dolores Valenza, NYC, December 2003.
 Private Classes with Christine Quiriy, October 2003.
"Fold Forming" Workshop with Anne Larsen Hollerbach, November 2003.
"Crocheting with Wire" Workshop with Joan Dulla, October 2003.
Jewelry Classes with Jenn Mank, October - December 2003.
Jewelry Classes with Ann Cahoon, Fall 2003.
 Wax Carving Classes - Private Classes with Sumner Silverman at Martha's Vineyard, MA, October 2003.
Artist in Residence at Metalwerx - October/December 2003.
Artist D'Mon - Widemag Magazine.
Interview by Silverio Pantalla, December 2002.
Feature Artist  - Talenti - , Italy, November 2002.
Best of the Week - Art,  Ponteiro - Guia de Informações, Brazil, October 2002.
Feature Artist Art Link Warehouse - 2002.
Painting Classes taught by Master Artist Dolores Valenza in New York, August 2002.
Marketing for Artists Workshop and Jewelry Classes taught by Master Karen Christians in Woburn, MA, USA at Metalwerx Jewelry & Metalsmithing School, July - August 2002.
Rocío Heredia - Site of Month / Site du Mois  Art Atlas L' Annuarie de l'Art   Paris, France - May 2002. - Headlines - BTDesign Masters of 2001 announced!

Web Design Intensive Workshops I and II taught by César Gutiérrez, Web Trainer in Monterrey, N.L. March and April 2002.
Winner of the 3rd. place for the Master of 2001 Award and the 2nd. place  for Best Artworks and 2nd. Best Artsite. BTDesign Art Gallery, January 2002. view  Award >>

I was an international evaluator for the 2001 and 2002 edition of Surreal Web Awards Galleries/Design Awards and Site of the Year.  
Solo Exhibition - Guest Artist of the month at the BTDesign Art Gallery , Faenza, Italia  December 2001. 
Repoussé and Hand Embossed Metals Workshop, October 2001 at the Stockton Jewelry Arts School, Stockton, California - Article about the Workshop at 
Exhibition at the " Galleria Incognita "  October   2001 - Carlsbad, California.
I was invited to speak to design and ceramics students of San Joaquin Delta College, Stockton, California.  I showed examples of my pieces and explained the process of the techniques I utilized. October 2001.
Web Designer since April 2000. Featured Artist at
Workshop Ornamental Chasing / Repoussé, Valentin Yotkov Studio in New York, N.Y., U.S.A. - June 2001.
Solo Exhibition "Divine Inspiration " >> Loyola Cultural Center of Monterrey, A.C. - May  2001
Master Efrén Ordóñez and me worked altogether in the Piece:
Virgen María - May 2001.
Teacher of private classes of my own metalwork techniques of Chasing and Repoussé since January 1998.
I worked during two years in a Psychotherapy Clinic with Children with low IQ., also in the area of Psychodiagnosis. I operated during six years at my own Day Care Center - "My Little World", with Kids from 2 months to 5 years old.
Graduated: Psychologist at
.::  Regiomontana University  - UR ::.  Monterrey, Nuevo Leon.
I studied Elementary School and High School at Anglo Español School, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. 


Recent Pieces:

.::  Elixir of Life  ::. Fine Silver/24K Gold
.::  Hanuman ::.

.::  Saint George and the Dragon ::. Dragon Slayer
.::  Madonna ::.
.::  Saint George and the Dragon  ::. Copper, bees wax and patina
.::  Fall ::. Fine Silver/24 K Gold
.::  Fallen Apples  ::.
.::  Candle holder  ::. Fine Silver/24 K Gold

.::  Shalom ::. 8 cm. X 10 cm. Tin and brass.
.::  Self Portrait ::. 7 cm. X 8 cm.
.::  Erosion  ::.  7 cm. X 8 cm.
.::  Calla lillies 1, miniature ::.
.::  Cerro de la Silla y el Obispado ::.
.::  Erosion II ::.
.::  Saint George and the Dragon miniature ::.
.::  Calla lillies ::. 
.::  Karen's Shell ::. 
.::  The Triumph of the Hero ::.
.::  Shalom II ::.

Rocío Heredia / Photo: Heath Satow Studio

Contact the Artist:

Rocío Heredia, designer metalsmith. Rocío lives  in Monterrey, N.L. Mexico.
Address in the USA:
1211 San Dario P.M.B. 496,
Laredo, Texas, 78040,  U.S.A.

Contact Rocío Heredia


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.::  I am the Founder/Owner of - Web Design & Programming Studio.
.::  Contemporary Arts in Mexico - Arts Magazine ::. Founder/Producer Listed in the "Directory of the Mexican Government"
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