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To: Orchid, Artmetal.
Subject: [Orchid] [Artist] Rocio Heredia
From: VYotkov|
Date: Fri Mar 09 23:40:54

Hello everyone,
Most of us probably remember the beautiful works posted recently on the list by Rocío Heredia, a self-taught metal artist from Mexico. I have been communicating with her for the last 2 months over the Internet. She is an incredible, very fine and courageous person. But above all that, extremely talented. Rocio is graced with a unique, natural talent, and her love for the metal, radiates from each and every piece of her work. She is truly a rare find. I would like to sponsor Rocio and help her attend a chasing/repousse workshop at my studio this summer. Although the workshop will be free of charge, she will still need some money for the plane ticket, hotel, and other expenses -- in my calculation about $1500. I wonder if any of you know about organizations, colleges or universities, which could provide small grants and help an emerging talented artist. I understand that this is such a short notice, but believe me Rocio deserves every bit of this effort. I think we will all feel good if we could help her.

Warmest regards, 

Valentin Yotkov                          

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To: Orchid, Artmetal
Date: Sat, 16 Jun 2001
From: VYotkov
Subject: Re: [Orchid] Rocio Heredia - Trip to NY

Hello Folks,

I suppose many of you are waiting to hear my response to Rocio Heredia's message to the forum. Her trip to New York and participation in the workshop were made possible by the generous support of our members, some of my students and friends, as well. This was a test for our willingness to help and share, and we passed that test with honor. Rocio was everybody's favorite in the class. She is truly an amazing person. Her determination and will to learn are unsurpassed. Few people possess the passion and excitement with which she approaches the metal. Thank you for giving her a chance to visit New York, and be part of the workshop! Now that she has spoken openly about her vision difficulties I can only express my sincere hope that modern medicine will soon be able to help her regain the vision we all take for granted. Rocio is truly an artist with a great future. Once again thank you for your understanding and support!

Valentin Yotkov    

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I want to THANK to all of You, wonderful people that helped me with my trip to New York without even knowing me. I really appreciate your help. Thanks to Dana Singer from SNAG the Society of North American Goldsmiths and Jeffrey Herman from SAS the Society of American Silversmiths.

Thank You, Muchas Gracias, Blagodarya !!! especially to Valentin Yotkov for believing in Me and my work!  God bless you all !

Rocío Heredia.