Rocio Heredia, Designer Metalsmith - Traditional Metalwork Techniques of Chasing and Repousse. Artist of the Mexican Contemporary Generation.
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"Rocío Heredia, as featured artist of BTDesign Art Gallery in  December 2001 has participated the second edition of the Master Art Award of BTDesign, "The Master of 2001". Her work was highly appreciated by the International Jury who voted her second place in both "Best Artworks" and "Best Art Site" categories and third Best Artist of the Year. It is BTDesign's pleasure to award Rocío of this special badge,  with the best compliments of the jury and gallery owner."
Barbara Tampieri - BTDesign Art Gallery. Faenza, Ravenna, ITALI 

Rocío Heredia - 3rd Place of the Master of 2001 Award, 2nd Place Best Artworks of 2001, and 2nd Place Best Art Site of 2001
Web Evaluator
Rocío Heredia, Evaluator for the Master of 2002 Award, BTDesign Awards, rated 5.0 AS
Web Awards
Date: Name of Award Rating
01/10/02 BTDesign Master of 2001- 3rd Place Award,  2nd Best Artworks and 2nd Best Artsite 5.00
11/24/01 Historic and Cultural Heritage Bronze Award 5.0/WTA
11/18/01 Otakou Creative Design Silver Award 5.0/WTA
08/22/01 BTDesign Golden Art Site 5.00

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06/03/02 GNAE Silver Award 4.5
05/05/02 Critics Choice Silver Award 4.5
04/30/02 Colleen's Corner Silver Award 4.5
11/26/01 Eagle One Award 4.5
04/19/02 Bronze Ozz Award 4.5
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05/17/02 Eli's Homework Helpers Silver Award. 4.0
05/13/02 Harbeson and Associates Silver Medal of Excellence 4.0
04/08/02 A Womans Touch Gold Award 4.0
10/06/01 Visions of Adonai Art 2001 Award 4.0
08/14/01 Critical Mass Award 4.0
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10/14/02 Platinum Awesome Artist Award 3.0
10/01/02 Perfect World Great Art Site Award 3.0
04/19/02 Dragon Master Gold Award 3.0
08/28/01 Web Worksite Excellence Award 3.0
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11/12/02 Kara Art Silver Award NR
16/09/02 ArtQuest Diamond Award NR
05/09/02 Feature Site NR
01/09/02 Feature Art Site ArtLinkWarehouse NR
05/17/02 Gold Metal Web Award of Excellence NR
05/02/02 Spylab Art Vision Award NR
05/01/02 - Site of the Month NR
05/01/02 Award of Creativity by Anam Cara NR
04/30/02 2002-2006 Golden Web Award NR
04/01/02 Jeff Hobrath Art Studio Web Award NR
04/22/02 2002-2006 Art Space World Web Award of Excellence NR
01/21/02 Artisan Studio Web Excellence Award NR
10/29/01 Altscape Quality Mark for Imagery NR
09/02/01 Art Gallery Online Gold Art Award NR
08/19/01 AC/ International Artisans and Crafters Web Award of Excellence NR
08/17/01 2001-2002 Golden Web Award NR
08/08/01 2001-2002 Art Space World Web Award of Excellence NR
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